Merchant will have to update the recurring debit details in the given format and update in the dashboard recurring mandate module.

File format

FieldTypeDescriptionMandatory/ Optional
order.order_idStringUnique Identifier for the order.Mandatory
order.amountStringThis is the amount that a customer will be charged in this transaction.Mandatory
order.currencyStringISO string of the currency. Use INR for Indian Rupee. Among other accepted values are EUR, USD, GBP.Default value: INR
order.customer_idStringCustomer Identifier against which a mandate was created.Mandatory
order.customer_emailStringEmail address of the customer.If the backend gateway requires it, then you must send this value.
order.customer_phoneStringMobile number or fixed line number of the customer. If the backend gateway requires it, then you must send this value.
order.descriptionStringShort description of the order. We send this information to the backend gateways whenever there is a provision for this.
order.return_urlStringA fully qualified URL such as to which the customer will be redirected after payment completion. This URL shouldn’t contain any query parameters. This URL takes higher precedence over the common return URL configured in your account settings.
order.product_idStringAn identifier for the product. Fits well for impulse purchase use cases.
order.billing_address_first_nameStringFirst name in the billing address
order.billing_address_last_nameStringLast name in the billing address
order.billing_address_line1StringLine1 in the billing address
order.billing_address_line2StringLine2 in the billing address
order.billing_address_line3StringLine3 in the billing address
order.billing_address_cityStringBilling address city
order.billing_address_stateStringBilling address state
order.billing_address_countryStringBilling address country
order.billing_address_postal_codeStringBilling address postal code or zip code
order.billing_address_phoneStringMobile or phone number in the billing address
order.billing_address_country_code_isoStringISO Country code. Default value: IND
order.shipping_address_first_nameStringFirst name in the shipping address
order.shipping_address_last_nameStringLast name in the shipping address
order.shipping_address_line1StringLine1 in the shipping address
order.shipping_address_line2StringLine2 in the shipping address
order.shipping_address_line3StringLine3 in the shipping address
order.shipping_address_cityStringShipping address city
order.shipping_address_stateStringShipping address state
order.shipping_address_countryStringShipping address country
order.shipping_address_postal_codeStringshipping address postal code or zip code
order.shipping_address_phoneStringMobile or phone number in the shipping address
order.shipping_address_country_code_isoStringISO Country code. Default value: IND
merchant_idStringJuspay merchant Id
mandate_idStringMandate id sent by Juspay after mandate creationMandatory