Juspay Payments SDK is a fully managed native and adaptive payments page that seamlessly blends with your app. It makes available all evolving payment options across all platforms and is designed for best user conversions.
This solves the two most important payment problems
  • A confusing payment experience for users, and
  • An exponentially complex system to integrate/manage for merchants
On web, Juspay Payments SDK may be implemented as,
  1. Iframe based: Where Juspay payment page will be embedded as part of your checkout page, or
  2. Redirection based: Where user is redirected to Juspay hosted payment page

Product and Features

    Juspay Payments SDK’s features cater to all payment needs
  • Payment Methods: Cards, Netbanking, Wallets, UPI (Collect and Intent), Alt-Credit
  • Payment Types: One-time payments, Recurring Payments (Subscriptions, EMI), Instant Refunds
  • Localisation: Regional languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi.
  • Authentication: 3DS, m-PIN, VISA 1-click
  • Configurability: Built in features to support different payment page configurations and changes in real-time including but not limited to re-ordering, re-grouping and enabling/disabling options based on user behaviour
  • Brand Identity Retention: Any design aspect of Payments Experience can be easily configured on Juspay Payments SDK retaining your brand signatures including but not restricted to colour, typography, messaging
  • Enhanced conversion through optimised design through our domain expertise
  • Real-time analytics on user/system performance
    Proprietary Tech capabilities powering product features
  • Instant UI change: Allows Payment Page UI instantly and provides performance analytics on the same
  • Cross Platform Compatibility single SDK makes features available across Android, IOS, Mobile web and Desktop Web
  • Dynamic SDK Update: Any release for the payment page does not depend on merchant app release cycle